When renting a house in The Netherlands, it is customary that you pay for a deposit to the landlord after signing the lease contract. The amount of the deposit is often 3x the monthly rent. If the lease fee is for example 2000 euro, then you must pay 8000 euro at once: 2000 for the lease and 6000 for the deposit.

The 6000 deposit is used to pay for possible damages on the property when you terminate the contract. Because your deposit is with the landlord you have little control over the amount that will be deducted from your deposit. This often results in a quarrel about the cause of the damage and the amount that will be deducted for repair work. To many expats this deposit system is a burden.

Good news: there is a way to go around this.

You can avoid the traditional deposit by using a digital security certificate. You keep your money available for other costs like the furnishing of your new home.

On top of that, with the digital security certificate you have an independent link between you and the landlord. At the termination of the rental contract everything will be handled in a transparent manner.

The cost for the certificate is a one-off amount at the start of the rent, and an annual fee for each year that you live in the house. This will be much less than the traditional deposit.

Save yourself the hustle...

 ...and let me introduce you to the provider of the digital security certificate. Simply contact me, and I will make the connection for you.