Are you planning to move to The Netherlands?
Let's make it smooth and successful 

Prepare yourself by following the Dutch Expat Roadmap

Become a competent and happy expat in The Netherlands

in 4 steps with The Dutch Expat Roadmap

The course will turn you in 4 steps into a fully prepared competent and happy expat, 

who is able to enjoy the move to the fullest.

  1. Knowing Practicalities: After the course, you will know all you need to know about daily life practicalities, such as transportation, healthcare, housing, grocery shopping and finances. You will not feel dependent and insecure, but instead, you will feel a capable citizen who can handle independently all practicalities you will come across in The Netherlands. 
  2. Understanding Culture: After the course, you will understand the foundation of Dutch culture and customs. You will understand the characteristics of the Dutch which will help you to effectively communicate. You will be aware of social etiquette and understand what the unwritten rules are of social life. You will not feel like a tourist who is wandering around while being surprised about what you encounter. Instead, you will be a respectful newcomer, able to behave appropriately so people respect you. 
  3. Dealing with Business Mindset: After the course you will be able to deal with the Dutch Business mindset. You will understand the values in Dutch working life and will be aware of the do's and don'ts. You will know about the Dutch negotiation style and you will be mindful of the expectations during meetings and network events. You will not feel like an ignorant outsider, but instead, you will be a colleague who feels connected in the workplace. Also, you will know how to effectively deal with Dutch companies as a customer or client. 
  4. Coping with your transition: After the course you will be able to cope with your transition. You will know how to handle the emotions that you or you family members go through during the first month of your move to The Netherlands. You will be able to recognise cultural differences and will know how to deal with them. This way you will not feel like sitting on a rollercoaster like many expats experience. Instead you will be able to maintain in control and feel relaxed behind the wheel of your new life. 
€ 1995,-
€ 1495,-

Complete Online Preparation Course

This online course gives you the opportunity to have a full preparation in the months prior to your move to The Netherlands, resulting in a smooth transition to your new living and working environment. After the course you will be ready for your Dutch adventure. 

  • 30 minute introduction call (complementary, non-binding)

  • 4 online Dutch Expat Roadmap modules
  • 7 quizzes to check your progress
  • 27 video lessons you can follow in your own time
  • Personal guidebook in PDF
  • 1 online personal consultation session at the start of the program
  • 1 online personal consultation session upon request

  • bonus: 3 post-arrival support online lessons
  • bonus: post-arrival email helpdesk service

Note: Many of the (future) employers of participants are happy to pay for this course,

as it helps you to easily integrate in Dutch working life too. It is then part of the company's onboarding program. Simply ask your (future) HR manager about the possibilities. 

What others say...

"Thanks to the course we had realistic ideas and we had a plan. Our move has been very pleasant, because of the help we received from Michel. It surely would have been a struggle without his fantastic support."
Danielle and Igor, Brazil
"I really learned much from these sessions. I felt in control, instead of lost."
Jude, Ireland

"We got so much practical advice, like cycling, city center information, interesting places must visit, festivals and events, real estate markets, areas that we consider for short and long term living as per our needs. Als also preparation to get a job for Paul. It really helped us to build our life here.'

Vimal and Purul, India